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    About Us

    Quzhou Qianda Technology Co., Ltd. is located in 16 Huafeng Road, Kecheng District, High-tech Industrial Park, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Our project adopts advanced manufacturing technique and equipment technology. Main products include hexafluorobenzene, pentafluorophenol, and octafluorotoluene.


    Owing to high demand of polyfluorobenzene in the market and advantages in fluorine chemical in Quzhou region, the company has realized rapid development, and it has established cooperation relation with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and undertaken Pilot and Industrialization Study on the Polyfluorobenzene and Its Derivatives since January 2012. The project of Pilot and Industrialization Study on the Polyfluorobenzene and Its Derivatives which declared in 2013 is included in major scientific and technological project and key industrial project of Zhejiang Province (project number is 2013C01034). Pilot and Industrialization Study on the Polyfluorobenzene and Its Derivatives project passed the acceptance of strategic emerging industry project and special cooperation project of Chinese Academy of Sciences in September 2015. Zhejiang Chemical Safety Association is commissioned by construction units to proof safety and reliability of the technologies, which are firstly used by the project, unprecedented in China on April 7, 2017. Thus the annual production capacity of more than 300 tons of fluorobenzene products is formed, including custom-developed pilot scale (300L) hexafluorobenzene production device using industrial by product hexachlorobenzene, two patents, pentafluorophenol pilot test technology and equipment, etc.


    Hexafluorobenzene, pentafluorophenol and octafluorotoluene are important organic fluorides that are widely used in fluorine-containing medicine, solvent, Li battery additive, fluorine-containing LCD and other fields. Many famous transnational corporations like Gilead, Dow, Dupont, 3M, Bayer, BASF, Roche, Sumitomo, Ube, etc. engage in the R&D and production of pentafluorophenol or hexafluorobenzene downstream products. Hexafluorobenzene and pentafluorophenol can be used in high-molecular polymer additive to improve performance of high-molecular products, in preparing intermediates of curable coatings, electrolyte and cosmetic additives, in manufacturing fluorine-containing powder coatings, in preparing raw materials of lithium battery solvents, in manufacturing optical raw material transparent resins, in synthesizing polypeptide compounds, in preparing olefin polymerization catalysts, and in manufacturing  OLED raw materials. Moreover, hexafluorobenzene and octafluorotoluene are required by defense industry enterprise in aerospace, coating and other fields.



    16 Huafeng Road, High-tech Park, Quzhou City, Zhejiang, China
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